Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kanye Performs New Single & Sets Nov. 25th Release Date!

Last night at the Key Club out here in LA, Kanye made an appearance at T.I.'s Paper Trail Album Release Party. Here's some footage from Consequence showing Ye & T.I. perform "Swagga Like Us". Afterwards, Kanyeezy performs "Love LockDown" and debuts his next single "Heartless". I guess he serious about the autotune, but the joint sounds nice. 808's & Heartbreak has been pushed up to November 25th!


M* said...

Fuckin Bananas and 0ranges!!

he pushed it UP--un heard of!

Aye is this tha same day Luda album n BeyOnce album come OUT?

L The Hustla said...

Word Ye gets props for that. The Ludacris album drops that day too, but I dunno about the Beyonce project. If so she needs to put a single out cause November is comin up.

M* said...

Indeed! man im started to BUY ALBUMs NOW! i had a whole 3 years on LIMEWIRE, but cds are becoming worthy again! thats wasup