Friday, August 29, 2008

Takin' Em Back 08/29

Timbaland & Magoo feat. Missy - Up Jumps Da Boogie

This was my joint! This jawn took me right back to middle school when I used to bump this on a regular. Timbo's been killin the production game for over 10 years. Did anyone peep the cameo's with Aaliyah and Static Major together?

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History In The Making!

Barack Obama's DNC Speech

I'm glad I found the FULL video online (props to so I can up this for those who didn't tune in. I'm not even goin to front, I didn't know what dude was about since I'm not really into politics. After watchin' this I see Obama has good intentions and is an excellent speaker. I'm convinced this brotha can make a change.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hip Hop Continues To Die...

Mike Page - Show Yo Swag

How cliche can you get? The word "swag" is officially on cheesy status, it's up there with Fubu and bling bling now. And no, I'm not a hater; just a brotha with an opinion.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

News: Yung Berg's Brother Gets Brolic, Budden No Longer Hates The Game

Yung Berg's Brother Speaks
If you haven't heard, Yung Berg's 70k Transformer chain was yanked earlier this week in Detroit. While it was a rumor, it's now official since Berg's "twin" brother put out this video with words for the jackers. ...Movin right along.

The Game & Joe Budden Squash Beef
When The Game first got on the scene there was a semi-publicized beef with Joe Budden. The feud stayed on wax with the two MC's droppin diss tracks and freestyles towards each other. The two reconciled their differences at Game's album release party for LAX in NY.

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Seeing Is Believing 8/27: New Common & Jeezy Vids!

Common feat. Pharrell - Announcement

First single off of Common's upcoming Invincible Summer album. Initially the album was supposed to drop this summer but it is rumored to drop on my birthday, Sept 23rd. Regardless if it lives up to its release date, this video is fresh and artistic. Peep it!

Young Jeezy - Vacation

Second single off of The Recession (I will up my Recession review after I give it a thorough listen). I'm sure everyone can relate to this jawn.

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Dope or Nope 8/27: New Gym Class Heroes featuring Lil Wayne!

Not as sick as "Viva La White Girl Remix", but still a decent song. This track will not be sewed onto The Quilt, Gym Class Heroes new album that drops Sept. 9th.

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Takin' Em Back! - 8/27

I was watching Lil Wayne's World on Fuse TV, which was an hour show dedicated to Lil Wayne videos. They kicked off the show with Lil Wayne's debut single "Tha Block Is Hot" which made me post this up in today's throwback joint. You can definitely see how Weezy evolved from his first joint.

Lil Wayne - Tha Block is Hot

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seeing Is Believing 8/26: New Ace Hood, Q-Tip, & Talib Kweli Videos

Ace Hood - Get 'Em

Still a lil skeptical on this dude. But anyway, here's his current vid for "Get Em" off Gutta which drops on my born day, Sept. 23rd.

Q-Tip - Gettin Up (Unofficial Video)

New video off the upcoming Renaissance album from Q-Tip. Hopefully it's like the slept on Amplified joint.

Talib Kweli & KRS One - The Perfect Beat

New Kweli & KRS joint off of Eardrum.

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Mixtape Madness: Busta Rhymes - I've Already Outshined Your Favorite Rapper 2

Busta's follow up to his mixtape released earlier this year. If its anything like it's predecessor, it should be a hot one. On a sidenote, where the fuck is Blessed?

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Monday, August 25, 2008

News: Yung Berg Gets The Business

Yung Berg Gets Robbed In Detroit

Yung Berg was assaulted and robbed in Detroit at a club while he was out for 102.7 Summer Jam. Berg's gaudy $70k Transformer chain was jacked leading to Berg fleeing back to Chi-Town. The jacker is rumored to be Detroit artist Trick Trick, but it has not been proved. An image surfaced to the net of a dude wearing the Transformer chain. Developing...

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Seeing Is Believing 8/25 - New T-Pain and Kanye West Vids!

T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe It

New T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne (or should I say T-Wayne) video. This is definitely creative and interesting. They could've took the cliche route and put it in a club but they put some creativity into this one. Check it out.

Kanye West - Good Morning

This video game out a while ago but the quality was always poor. Finally a clear version of it has made its way to the net. Callin this video ill is an insult!

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Dope or Nope 8/25: More Jeezy & 88 Keys feat. Kanye West

Young Jeezy - Circulate

Okay, so I'm a fan now. This "Circulate" joint is hot and it has a smooth sampled beat provided by Don Cannon (the same producer who brought you "Go Crazy"). About half of the album has leaked and so far so good. The Recession will leak soon, and it will be in stores next Tuesday.

88 Keys feat. Kanye West - Stay Up! (Viagra)

If you're a Kanye fan like myself then you would definitely remember this track from last summer's "Cant Tell Me Nothin' Mixtape". The mixtape only had the first verse with Kanye, but the full version of the 88 Keys joint finally hit the net. Check the link below.

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R.I.P. Aaliyah (1979-2001)

It's been 7 years ago since Aaliyah passed. Still a sad story considering she was so young, beautiful, and she was still growing in her career. She will forever be missed.

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Album Review: The Game L.A.X.


In the early 2000's, G-Unit achieved success as a crew by dominating the mixtape and mainstream scene, and appealing to all regions on the map. For the East they had 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Yayo; the South had Young Buck, and the West had The Game. The success of his fellow G-Unit members helped introduce The Game to the world with his debut LP The Documentary. With two mainstream 50 Cent assisted singles (three if you include "Westside Story"), The Documentary received positive recognition and has sold over two million units. Shortly after, 50 Cent and The Game fell out resulting in The Game's departure and a claim from 50 Cent stating that he wrote a majority of the album.

Over a year and numerous diss songs later, The Game had to show that he can make it by himself with his post-G-Unit album, Doctor's Advocate. While Doctor's Advocate was a near platinum album, The Game proved he possesses the skills to make a high quality album without G-Units support, show growth and consistency.

Now that The Game is a respected name in hip hop, he is back with his third release L.A.X. (abbreviated for Life and Times). Since he proved on his last album that he can make it on his own, The Game took a different approach with this album by including numerous guest features. Some of the appearances on the album are Ludacris, Common, Ice Cube, Ne-Yo, Nas, and many others. A majority of the features on the album, like the Cool-n-Dre produced "My Life" which features Lil Wayne, only have the featured artist appearing on the hook. Despite numerous features, The Game succeeds in delivering an album with a West Coast vibe. A wide range of features can change the vibe of an album if the artist emulates the featured artist style which leads to an inconsistent overall sound. One of the standout features on the album is the collaboration with Wu-Tang frontman Raekwon on "Bulletproof Diaries", where The Game and Rae drop verses about if they were to switch their place of residence.

L.A.X. has a vast list of producers that contributed beats as well. Some of the producers include Cool-n-Dre, Scott Storch, J.R. Rotem, Dj Toomp, Hi Tek and others. On "Ya Heard", produceder Nottz samples the b-boy classic track "Jam On It". The production is nicely flipped transforming Newcleus' 80's hit into a modern west coast track. Kanye West delivers "Angel" which features Common, where The Game raps over a soulful Gil Scott Heron sampled track, continuing Common's "I Used To Love HER" story.

The Game often receives criticism for his excessive references to other artists he uses in his verses. The "name dropping" that The Game is known for is L.A.X.'s weakness. Though The Game may name drop a lot, he still manages to touch a wide range of subjects. Whether he's rapping about his home state of California on "Cali Sunshine" and "State of Emergency", consciousness on "Letter to the King", or making a song for the ladies on "Gentleman's Affair" and "Touchdown"; The Game brings his most substantial effort. Another standout track is "Never Can Say Goodbye" where The Game raps as 2pac, Biggie, and Eazy-E, and summarizes their last minutes of life.

Overall, L.A.X. is a very solid album but it's a bit lengthy. The Game shows he's been consistant with his albums since day one, and he can collaborate with numerous artist and still remain himself.

To Sum It Up In One word: Feature-Heavy

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Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week - 8/25: Kim Kardashian

Before putting out the sex tape with Ray J and excelling her fame, Kim Kardashian was a socialite well known for her beauty and her backside. This curvy armenian beauty made a name for herself and has had her own reality show, dvd's and a slew of media appearances. Speaking of which, here's her appearance in Disaster Movie (which truly does look like a disaster), with her wrestling with the sexy Carmen Electra.

The clip reminded me of how bangin Kim Kardashian is making her the chick of the week.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mixtape Madness: T-Pain - Pree Ringz Mixtape

T-Pain drops the prequel to his upcoming album Three Ringz titled "Pree Ringz". Three Ringz is expected to drop Oct. 28th and his current single "Cant Believe It" with Lil Wayne has been getting heavy airplay. Click the link below to download Pree Ringz.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dope or Nope 8/23: New T.I. feat. Jay-z, Kanye West, & Lil' Wayne!

T.I. feat. Jay-z, Kanye, & Lil Wayne - S.L.U. (Swagger Like Us)

Nope is out the question, this shit goes hard! This breakthrough track will appear on Paper Trail which drops Sept. 30th. Another hot beat by Mr. West and contains a sample from M.I.A.. What a fuckin collabo! Click the link below to peep it.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Takin' Em Back - 8/22

Way back at that. If you've heard The Game's LAX album, then you've heard how producer Nottz flipped this sample on "Ya Heard" which features Ludacris. Aside from it being sampled recently, its a classic ol' school track which reminds me of the early days of hip hop. I wonder if joints like this would be successful today? Regardless it's a classic one.

Newcleus - Jam On It

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The Game LAX Bonus Tracks

The Games third LP LAX will be in stores this Tuesday. It's a nice album and it's been in heavy rotation in my whip all week. Like most highly anticipated albums, there is a deluxe edition which will get you a couple of extra joints for a couple of extra dollars. The Cool n Dre produced "Big Dreams" was the first song to leak from LAX, and was originally planned to be the first single. Apparently it only made the album as a bonus track. "Camera Phone", another track with Ne-Yo hit the net last week and is included on the deluxe edition as well. Click the links below to listen and/or download, and go out and cop that LAX joint.

Big Dreams (New Version)
Camera Phone feat. Ne-Yo
Nice feat. Newz

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Seeing Is Believing 8/22: New Ne-Yo & John Legend Vids!

Some fresh new R&B joints for today.

John Legend feat. Andre 3000

I've been on this track a minute. 3 Stacks goes in about pickin up a chick from the club, proving why he's one of the illest. John Legend's new album Evolver is due out Oct. 28th.

Ne-Yo - Miss Independent

New video from Ne-Yo which features cameos from some of the baddest chicks in the game. The Year of the Gentelmen drops Sept. 16 and is rumored to feature Nas, Jay-z & Talib Kweli.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

News: The Game Mouths Off, Faith Gets Into The Books

The Game Talks Detox & Jay-z

The Game sat down recently with Complex Magazine and discussed beefing with Hova and a possible Detox appearance. Here's what he had to say about Jay "It would be a honor to beef with Jay-Z. That’s one of the reasons I try to bait him, but he won’t bite. I go hard. Jay-Z is a subliminal rapper, he uses his words and isolated you like that. I go hard straight from the jugular, with a knife and I’m cutting your throat and your going to bleed all over Manhattan when you beef with me."
The highly anticipated Detox is supposed to be released this Fall, and The Game also spoke on that. The Game states "I don’t really care about being on Detox. I don’t think Dre can finish the album without having me on it. I’m the West Coast– I am the west Coast." LAX will be in stores this Tuesday!

Faith Evans Makes a New Book Discussing 2pac & Notorious BIG

R&B singer Faith Evans is dropping an autobiography where not only does she talk about her life, she also talks about her encounters with the late 2pac and Big. As any hip hop head knows, she was a factor to the feud between Pac and Big, and 2pac blatantly speaks about how he had sex with Faith on the classic diss track "Hit 'Em Up". On Jay'z "Brooklyn's Finest", featuring Notorious BIG, Big says "If Fay' had twins, she'd probably have two-Pac's, get it?...Tu-Pac's". Faith decides to share her side of the story. Here is an excerpt from the book where she meets with 2pac:

"The situation with the money is like this," he. "If I give it to you, then you have to be my bitch."
"Your what," I said. I felt a chill go up my back.
"You heard me. You gotta be my bitch."
I got up and moved farther away from where he was standing.
"I'm not anybody's bi*ch," I said, trying to keep my voice even and steady.
"You Biggie's bitch."
Then later on, Faith says Tupac became angry after she asked for her money, cursing at her, before she stormed out of the room in tears:
"Look," I said. "You hired me to do a song. I did it. I want money and that's it."
"Oh word, it's like that? You just want your money?"
"You told me it wouldn't be a problem," I said. "The only reason why I came up here is because you said --"
"So you not trying to suck my dick?"
"What!" I screamed. "What are you talking about."

Some things are better off untold. Both artists are no longer with us to defend themselves. Keep The Faith: A Memoir is on bookshelves now.

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Dope or Nope 8/21: New Cool Kids

The Cool Kids - Delivery Man

New track from The Cool Kids. This is rather sick!

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Lil Wayne XXL Cover

There's been a slew of magazine covers leaking this week, and here's the Oct. issue of XXL which features none other than Lil Wayne (for the 100th time).

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Game Beefs with Bow Madden 09

The Game Killin Dudes in Madden 09

Bow Wow Challenges The Game in Madden 09 & Bets $100k in Charity!

The Game responds to Bow Wow's Challenge, Bets Dome From Ciara

Bow Wow's Response

The Game Fires Back 1nce Again

Speakin' of The Game, LAX leaked to the net earlier this week. Whose coppin it next Tuesday?

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Takin' Em Back - 8/20

Seeing that I grew up on Mega Man joints, I love this vid. Missy's been innovative from day one and with Hype Williams doing a majority of her vids, that's instant classic shit. Over 10 years later and this beat still goes hard.

Missy feat. Da Brat - Sock It To Me

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dope or Nope 8/19: New Jeezy feat. Nas!

Young Jeezy feat. Nas - My President is Black

In 2006 when Nas announced his album title "Hip Hop is Dead", it caused controversy in the rap game. Artists such as Dem Franchise Boyz, T.I., and others expressed their thoughts about the title. One artists who did it publicly on a radio station in Philly was Young Jeezy, who heavily criticized Nas' street credibility and eventually walked off the radio station furiously. About two years later, Jeezy takes a more political approach with his latest LP and reconciled his differences with Nas to bring a conscious record titled "My President is Black". Young Jeezy spoke to MTV about the track about how Nas went in on it, and dude was right. Check the link below. The Recession in stores Sept. 2nd.

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The Source 20th Year Anniversary Covers

Here are all 4 covers for The Source's 20th Anniversary issue with legendary director Spike Lee as the guest photographer. The Source was once the bible of hip hop and though things have changed after the millennium, The Source still deserves the recognition of the past articles, imagery, and highly credible album ratings.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls: And The Oct. KING Magazine Is...


I wrote a blog on this last week (click here to view the original blog) for people to guess who it is, and it's Hoopz from Vh1's Flavor of Love and now I Love Money (which is a good reason to stay tuned to the show). We should've seen it coming, pretty face, bangin body, and nice eyes; what more could you ask for?

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Dope or Nope 8/18: New DJ Khaled feat. Kanye & T. Pain

Dj Khaled feat. Kanye West & T. Pain - Go Hard

The duo that brought you the "Good Life" off the double-platinum Graduation and the unofficial "Buy You a Drank Remix" off the Can't Tell Me Nothin' Mixtape, now bring you "Go Hard" (produced by The Runners), the next single off DJ Khaled's We Global album due out Sept. 16th. This joint lives up to its name, and surprisingly it's a Khaled joint without the 6+ rappers on it. I also threw in some Khaled and Kanye footage that I thought was funny.

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News: Forbes 20 Biggest Earners in Hip Hop for 2008

Forbes Magazine, the highly popular business publication, distributed the list of the top 20 earners in hip hop for 2008 (from 06/07 to 06/08). Despite his lost against Kanye in the 9/11 record sales battle, 50 Cent earns the #1 spot bringing in 150 mill. A couple of surprising names appear on the list such as Chamillionaire and Lil' Jon, who's been absent from the scene for quite some time. Heres the list:

1. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson: $150 million
2. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter: $82 million
3. Sean “Diddy” Combs: $35 million
4. Kanye West: $30 million
5. Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley: $22 million
6. Pharrell Williams: $20 million
7. Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean: $17 million
8. Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus: $16 million
9. AndrĂ© “Dr. Dre” Young: $15 million
10. Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges: $14 million
11. Clifford “T.I.” Harris: $13 million
12. Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter: $13 million
13. Marshall “Eminem” Mathers: $12 million
14. Lonnie “Common” Lynn Jr.: $12 million
15. Aliaune “Akon” Thiam: $12 million
16. Jermaine Dupri: $11 million
17. Jonathan “Lil Jon” Smith: $11 million
18. OutKast: $10 million
19. Hakeem “Chamillionaire” Seriki: $10 million
20. Jayceon “The Game” Taylor: $10 million

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Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week - 8/18: Meagan Good

This weeks Chick of the Week is none other than Meagan Good. No need to explain why she qualifies, I'll just let the pics do the talking. I remember being a youngsta seeing her in "Friday" and telling my lil' homie that she was nice. I had the honor of meeting her at Club Sugar out here in LA, and she's even sexier in person. I'm not a fan of women who smoke cigs, but she got away with it that night. Meagan Good will appear in the latest installment of the Saw franchise, "Saw 5" this October.

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Nas Interview w/ Tavis Smiley

I'm a day late, but better late than never. I peeped this on, new Nas interview with Tavis Smiley. Nas discusses everything from the controversy from his current release, to his inspirations, to the N word itself. Some real talk said here, peep the vid.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Seeing is Believing 8/15 - New Game feat. Lil Wayne & Gym Class Heroes Vids!

The Game feat. Lil Wayne - My Life

The third single from L.A.X. which drops Aug. 26th. Enjoy!

Gym Class Heroes feat. The Dream - Cookie Jar

Gym Class Heroes link up with hip hop's latest hook-man for their current single "Cookie Jar" off The Quilt due out September 9th!

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Takin' Em Back - 8/15

Busta Rhymes & Hype Williams gotta be the sickest dudes to make videos. I could've posted many joints from Busta's videography, but this one is my favorite. The video is hella active, and the beat is insane!

Busta Rhymes - Gimmie Some Mo'

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Mixtape Madness: Curren$y - Fast Times At Ridgemont Fly Mixtape

Lil Waynes ex-protege Curren$y Da Hot Spitta brings you his new mixtape. The title and theme of this mixtape was inspired by the 80's cult classic film "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

News: DMX Still Rydes Ruff, Gets Arrested @ Wal-Mart, Tha Carter is Still Alive, & Big Boi Puts His Left Foot In

DMX Gets Arrested At Wal-Mart in Miami

DMX was arrested today in Miami for skipping court dates on drug-possession and animal cruelty in Arizona this past Tuesday. DMX's attorney provided a reason for his absence stating that he was in hospitalized in Miami. Since X was absent in court, a bench warrant was issued and his bond was raised to $25,000.

Lil' Wayne's Daughter is Still Alive

Despite the horrible rumor that arose early this week that Lil' Wayne's 8 year old daughter Reginae Carter was killed in a car accident, she is still alive and well. Lil Wayne has issued the following statement: “It has come to my attention that there are recent reports circulating regarding my daughter. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are genuinely concerned about Reginae and her safety. Please allow me to dispel any rumors or speculations and report that my daughter is alive, healthy and surrounded by family who care and love her dearly. The rumors are completely false and unfounded; neither Reginae nor any other member of my family has been involved in any car accident. My family and I truly appreciate the concern and support shown to us.”
Speaking of the Carter, Tha Carter III has surpassed a milli twice coming in at #5 on the charts pushing over 67k units this week. C3 has sold 2,144,000 copies till this day.

Big Boi Previews Sir Lucious Left Foot

Big Boi had a listening session for his upcoming album Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty at the Hiltern America's in Texas during the Ozone Awards weekend. Some joints that were played were "Tambourine" featuring T.I., "For Your Sorrows" featuring Too Short & George Clinton, "Daddy Fat Sacks", and many others. The album will also include "Royal Flush" which features Raekwon and yet another impressive appearance by Andre 3000, whom is also working in an solo album. Big Boi also stated some great news saying "After Three Stacks and Myself get done with these two projects, we hitting the dungeon for another Outkast album so get ready."

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Dope or Nope 8/14: Official Jeezy Second Single + Tracklisting

Young Jeezy - Vacation

This is the official 2nd single off of The Recession. Many, including myself were under the impression that "Crazy World" was the second single, but "Vacation" is the confirmed 2nd single.

Peep the tracklisting:

1. The Recession (Intro)

2. Welcome Back

3. By The Way

4. Crazy World

5. What They Want

6. Amazin’

7. Hustlaz Ambition

8. Who Dat

9. Don’t You Know

10. Circulate

11. Word Play

12. Vacation

13. Everything f. Anthony Hamilton & Lil Boosie

14. Takin’ It There f. Trey Songz

15. Don’t Do It

16. Put On f. Kanye West

17. Get Allot

18. My President f. Nas

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Girls, Girls, Girls: Guess the Cover Girl for the Oct. Issue of KING Magazine!

The cover girl for the October issue of KING is a mystery. KING wants its readers to guess by the body frame on their website. Some responses so far have been Trina, Lil' Kim or a couple of others. The chick will be revealed next week. Who do you think it is?

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seeing Is Believing 8/13 - New G-Unit & Three Six Mafia Vids!

G-Unit - Close To Me/Get Down

New double feature from G-Unit off the "Terminate On Sight" album. The first 1/2 is the animated video for "Close To Me", the second 1/2 is a performance video for "Get Down".

Three Six Mafia feat. Akon & Jim Jones - That's Right

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Takin' Em Back - 8/13

Seeing Rae & Ghost do this joint at Rock The Bells last weekend reminded me of how dope this track was. R.I.P. Ol Dirty!

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Seeing is Believing 8/12: New Kanye West Vid!

Kanye West - Champion

This is the sixth video (seventh if you count the unofficial animated video of "Good Morning") off of the double platinum, Grammy winning Graduation. This Olympics themed video features Kanye as a puppet winning the 100 meter dash using Champion as his victory music. Mr. West always brings the creativity in his videos.

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Dope or Nope 8/12: New Jay-z Single!

Jay-z - Jockin' Jay-z (Produced by Kanye West)

Last week Kanye surprised the Madison Square Garden audience at the Glow in the Dark Tour by bringing out Jay-z and doing a brand new track off the upcoming Blueprint 3 album (which Kanye is rumored to handle a majority of the production) titled "Jockin". Here is the official version of the track which will be either a street single or a mainstream single. So far it's been getting mixed reviews from rap fans, but I think it's a hot track. There's no word on when BP3 is droppin', but the last three coincidentally dropped in November each time.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week - 8/11: Santogold

I guess you can say I'm on some different shit this week. Seeing that the past Chick of the Week blogs have been petite model type chicks, I'm back at you with a blog on Santogold. There's something about Santi. Click the link below for more pics and info.

Santogold is a eccentric New Wave artist from Brooklyn. You've probably seen in Converse's "Summer in the City" commercial with Pharrell and rocker Julian Casablancas.

Her uniqueness and individuality makes her CotW material. She's not the finest, but there's definitely something interesting about this chick. Her self titled debut album is in stores now, and there's also a rumor of an upcoming Jay collabo.

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NextUp: Jay Electronica

During a time when Southern MC's are often stereotyped as materialistic artists who aren't focused on the art of hip hop, comes Jay Electronica hailing from New Orleans. Jay Electronica, who developed his rap name from his influence from heavy synthisized music; is a sophisticated emcee who not only raps, he also produces. He is responsible for producing "Queens Get The Money", the opening track off of Nas' (who also co-signed Jay Electronica as a great upcoming artist) latest effort Untitled. He also produced tracks off his underground album What the F*ck is a Jay Electronica.

When listening to Jay's album, you hear a wide range of subjects ranging from consciousness, to the third eye, to women who play hard to get. Whether he's spittin over beats by the late J Dilla on "Bitches and Drugs", Madlib on "Extra Extra", or movie scores without a bass, kick, or snare on "Eternal Sunshine"; Jay Elect drops lyricism with a smooth delivery and a laid back flow. Check the jointage below:

Hard to Get

Bitches & Drugs

Jay Elect has received the stamp of approval by Nas (who I've mentioned earlier in this blog), super producer Just Blaze, and his woman friend Erykah Badu. He is also working on collaboration with fellow N.O . resident Lil Wayne, and he is a part of the highly popular Rock The Bells tour (unfortunately I missed his performance). He is currently preparing his debut album Abracadabra: Let There Be Light, no release date has been set for this album.

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Rock The Bells 2008 Recap

The Rock the Bells concert took place on August 9th in San Bernardino, CA at the Glen Helen Pavilion. Despite the heat, it was an amazing show and definitely worth it. Peep the full story to get a breakdown of the acts.

Main Stage:
Wale - A good way to kick off Rock The Bells. Wale (pronounced Wah-Lay) is a newcomer from DC. He performed tracks off his Mixtape About Nothing, and his most known track W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.
Dead Prez - Dead Prez hit the stage to perform joints off Revolutionary But Gangsta and also tracks off of their debut LP Let's Get Free including the classic "Hip Hop".
Murs - Rock The Bells was my first time hearing from Murs and he's kinda nice. Murs surprised the crowd by bringing out West Coast pioneer Dj Quik. Unfortunately Dj Quik only performed two songs, it was still a dope surprise appearance.
Immortal Technique - Immortal Technique brought out underground mc Chino XL onto stage as he preached to the crowd. Immortal Technique dropped dope, sophisticated rhymes filled with knowledge and aggression.
Rakim - I would hate to say this about the God MC, but his performance was a bit lethargic. The music was dope as always, but he could've hyped it up a bit.
De La Soul - Unfortunately I missed a majority of their performance trying to grab something to eat. I did catch it from "Oooh" and the classic "Buddy" by the Native Tongues, and a couple of others.
Raekwon & Ghostface Killah - Two of my favorite mc's in and outside of the Wu graced the stage at Rock The Bells to perform tracks from the classic Only Built For Cuban Linx, Supreme Clientele, 36 Chambers, and other albums from the Wu-Tang catalog. The highlight of the performance was "Triumph". Raekwon also announced that Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 will be out in February of 2009.
Method Man & Redman - Meth & Red had the crowd hyped from start to finish. The set started with Redman on a solo tip with Method Man making a late and exciting entrance. The set ended with "Da Rockwilder" and Meth & Red doing stage dives. They also announced they will be dropping the sequel to the Blackout album this year!
Surprise Guests - The surprise guest turned out to be the Black Eyed Peas minus Fergie. They were the only performers to use a live band to supply the music.
The Pharcyde - The Pharcyde had a nice set reuniting all four members. The Pharcyde started their performance off with "Runnin" and ended it on a nostalgic note with "Passin' Me By"
Mos Def - Mos Def put on a great show performing joints off Black on Both Sides, and True Magic.
Nas - Hands down the highlight of the show. Nas started off doing joints from his current album Untitled, and then took the crowd down memory lane through Nas' discography. From Illmatic to Stillmatic, to God's Son, Nas performed numerous tracks with high energy and charisma. Nas also said Fuck Bill O'Rielly and Fuck Fox News.
A Tribe Called Quest- The second best performance of Rock The Bells. The set started with Q-Tip performing tracks off his upcoming album and the slept-on Amplified album. He also had Mos Def with him to hype up the crowd. Later on, the rest of the members of A Tribe Called Quest to perform hits such as "Bonita Applebum", "Can I Kick It", "Electric Relaxation", "Award Tour", and many others.
Second stage:
The second stage had other acts such as The Cool Kids, Kidz in The Hall, The Pack, Tyga, MF Doom and others. The only two that I got a chance to see were Tyga and The Pack. I wish I could've seen the performance of an supposed imposter MF Doom that wrapped up the second stage, which led to angry fans throwing things and booing the impostor. Check the video below:

I heard a rumor that MF Doom is preparing a new album titled DOOMposter where the theme of the album is him addressing an MF Doom impostor who's been posing as MF Doom at shows like the video shown above. Hopefully he can redeem himself with that idea.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dope or Nope 8/10: New Hot Boys Track

The highly anticipated Hot Boys reunion is no longer a rumor. The Hot Boys (minus Turk) are back with their first recorded track in years titled "If I Ain't a Hot Boy". No word if this is a single for an upcoming album or whatnot, but hearing Juvi, BG, and Weezy on a new song reminded me a lot of the old Ca$h Money days.

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R.I.P. Isaac Hayes (1942-2008)

It's a sad weekend in black entertainment with the death of Bernie Mac, and now legendary singer Isaac Hayes. Isaac Hayes has passed away at age 65 due to unknown causes. Earlier today, Hayes wife found him laying near a treadmill and was immediately taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.
Hayes is well known for creating numerous soul albums, the theme to Shaft (which he also wrote and produced the soundtrack), and his character as The Chef on the animated series "South Park". Isaac Hayes has made various appearances in films and TV shows ranging from "Hustle & Flow" to "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". His music has been sampled by hip hop artists such as Notorious BIG "Warning", Wu-Tang Clan on "I Can't Goto Sleep", and Ludacris on "Southern Fried Intro". I send out my condolences to the Hayes family.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

R.I.P. Bernie Mac (1957-2008)

One of the most popular black comedians has passed today due to pneumonia brought on by sarcoidosis. Mac was in critical condition since August 1st, and failed to recover from his condition. Bernie Mac's made appearances in numerous films ranging from Friday to Transformers, and he had his own sitcom "The Bernie Mac" show. He was also considered the highlight of the "Kings of Comedy" tour which featured fellow comedians Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and D.L. Hughley. Bernie Mac passed this morning at the age of 50. Rest in peace to one of the most unforgettable and funny black entertainers. My condolences go to his fam.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Vote U-N-I for Best Breakout LA Artist for the VMA's

U-N-I is nominated for an award for Best Breakout LA Artist for their joint "Beautiful Day" at this years VMA's. They definitely deserve it for this track. I'll let the music do the talkin.

Hit the stash for the blog I wrote on U-N-I.

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