Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's Beef: Rhymefest Vs. Charles Hamilton

Interscope's latest signee is apparently making a name for himself. From his signature infatuation with Sonic the Hedgehog and the color pink, he's gaining attention from hip hop artists and it's audience. Not all of the recognition is positive. First there was the ridiculous beef with Soulja Boy which only lasted for a couple of weeks. After the feud with two obviously incomparable rappers ended, Charles Hamilton acquired some new foes.

On a friendly note, Charles Hamilton battled Fight Klub champ Serious Jones at the S.O.B.'s. Peep the video below:

Charles Hamilton's latest foe is Rhymefest who didn't take a reference made to him by Hamilton too kindly. In the video featured above, Hamilton called him out. Coincidentally, the same night at the S.O.B.'s, Rhymefest uploaded this message to his twitter account:

Today, Rhymefest dropped an official diss towards Charles Hamilton titled SuperSonic (Chucky Cheese). I can see a response coming shortly, maybe sooner than you think!

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