Monday, January 19, 2009

Mixtape Madness: The Best of the Hamiltonization Process

DJ Skee & Charles Hamilton - The Best of the Hamiltonization Process

Still sleepin' on Charles Hamilton? Dj Skee brings you the best of the Hamiltonization Process. The Hamiltonization Process was a series of 8 mixtapes and DJ Skee is blessing you with the best of this series. Charles Hamilton's latest single "Brooklyn Girls" also appears on this Best Of mixtape. If you missed any of the Hamiltonization Process, click here to get the mixtapes. Otherwise, hit up the full story for the link, back cover and tracklisting.

1. November 10th
2. Theories Of Wine
3. Brooklyn Girls
4. Outside
5. Loser
6. Delivery Or DiGiorno’s
7. Do What You Love
8. Windows Media Player
9. Verbal Vicodin
10. Jeezy Hamilton
11. Waterworks
12. Happy Ending
13. What’s Going On
14. The Bermuda Triangle w/ Show TuFli & Yung Nate
15. It’s
16. Mt. Rushmore w/ Hcho & St. Vil
17. Mr. Perfect
18. Lacey Duvalle
19. Shinin’
20. Lemme Know
21. Most Likely To Succeed
22. November 10th 2008

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