Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Polls Is Talkin': The Best Rapper Alive Is...

The people have spoken. Based on a recent poll asking "Who really is the best rapper alive", there still was no answer since the results were all ties. The main three were the two self-proclaimed "best rappers alive", while the other was one of my favorite MC's of all time, Andre 3000. Peep the results below:

1. Andre 3000 - 19% (tie)
2. Jay-z - 19% (tie)
3. Lil Wayne - 19% (tie)

4. Kanye West - 9% (tie)
5. Nas - 9% (tie)
6. Lupe Fiasco - 9% (tie)

*If you aren't feeling the results, do your thing and vote!

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