Thursday, September 18, 2008

News: Funk Flex Goes In On R. Kelly

Recently R. Kelly sat down with BET to do his first interview since he was found not guilty. What sparked a little bit of controversy is the fact that the Pied Piper was asked if he likes teenage girls, and he responded with "what exactly do you mean by teenage?". Whether he was trying to be funny or not, Funk Flex had some words for him. Check the BET R. Kelly Interview below:

Here's what Funk Flex had to say to Kellz:

Some real talk!

For kicks here's the classic R. Kelly episode from The Boondocks!

1 comment:

Queen said...

Everybody know Kels is a perv!
It was a simple yes or no question.. and this nuggah gone answer a question wit a question!

btw, can't wait for that new 4th quarter album! lol shud be dope!