Sunday, July 27, 2008

NextUp: Asher Roth

For years image has always been important with rap artists. Whether they have a hood image like Jeezy or Wayne, a "backpacker" image like Kweli or Mos Def, or they're just themselves like Andre 3000 or Kanye; it tends to define their music and audience they attract. Then there's Asher Roth who possess the complete opposite image of the typical rapper.

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Asher's a blonde-haired, suburban white boy from PA with a collegiate image. While some ignorant-minded rap fans may not give him a chance due to his image, this dude can spit. I've been bumping his Gangsta Grillz mixtape for a minute now and he's nice. He does sound a bit like Eminem, but his delivery and flow is different. Whether he's rapping about sex in the morning, cartoon chicks, girls rubbing their titties, or just spittin'; this dude keeps your interest with humor and a clear delivery. Check his Rap City freestyle:

You may have seen his video for "Roth Boys" on Seeing Is Believing (if not, check the archives). Also check his myspace to hear his freestyle over "A Millie" (yes, another A Millie freestyle) and peep his Gangsta Grillz mixtape: The Greenhouse Effect (check the link below). Some of my favorites are "Cannon", "The Sun God Free", "Keep Bouncing", "Start the Show", and many others.

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